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We are a Global ICT Strategy and Implementation Consulting Practice

Equity Technology Partners is a global firm of strategy, ICT, finance, operations and transaction consultants that have extensive hands-on experience in the Developing World and Emerging Economies.  We enable the foundations for ICT development. We combine innovative ICT technologies with Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) to support Telecommunications, Financial Services, Healthcare, Agriculture, Manufacturing, IT and Power Distribution to stimulate economic development and reach the populations in need. 

Our practices include:
Equity Technology Partners has completed work or are engaged in projects in the following regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and several Isolated Pacific Island Countries.  See our Global Reach page for more information.

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Timing is everything which is why it is so important to establish the infrastructure for connectivity as soon as possible.  Delayed funding and work in Liberia for healthcare communications and data collection has played a pivotal role in the country's inability to stop the spread of Ebola in 2014.  In contrast, our work in Sierra Leone to establish Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) for the communications sector allowed the authorities to rapidly deliver assistance and aid to the effected populations and limit the disease's spread.

We offer ICT solutions in the Developing World & Emerging Economies that:

We have a vast client-base that includes the Fortune 500, telecom operators, semiconductor and device manufacturers, network equipment and service providers, engineering systems and construction firms, healthcare providers, software vendors, consumer goods companies, commodity distributors, national research labs, government agencies, investors, regulators and policy-makers.

Equity Technology Partners is a consultant to the World Bank Group assisting in ICT infrastructure investment studies and design.  We have completed ICT projects for over 16 Western African countries.  Many of these have included forming PPPs with local mobile carriers that fund the landing and leasing of ACE submarine fiber cable to these countries.  This is instrumental in lowering the cost of communications and connecting these populations to mobile broadband technologies and jobs.

As Benedict Evans explains in his presentation "Mobile is Eating the World", the reach of communications and people's willingness to embrace is incredible.  But we need to do more than just "connect".  Mobile devices need to become income multipliers by being the tools for the Digital Economy.  The Developing World already has too many $1/month subscribers that only use the device in an emergency.  Our goal is to make that device a source of income by introducing consumer, enterprise and government applications and services well beyond what we already see in Developed Countries like the US.

ETP News Letter

10 October 2018

ETP attends P20 event at The Atlanta History Center to discuss FinTech and Cyber-Security programs in the US and UK.

11 September 2018

Georgia's FinTech Academy is funded by public and private contributions to address the growing shortage of local FinTech talent.  ETP's research presented to ATPC showed that the Georgia FinTech Industry's growth was being constrained by lack of local talent with 2 years or more of experience in the field.  The Academy and other state-wide workforce initiatives are planned to meet the need by supplying an additional 500 FinTech specialists to the market each year.

24 October 2017

ETP attends "Project Zero" event at The Carter Center for global human rights and disease eradication update...join us.

24 September 2017

John Ellingson marshall's Hole 7 at the 2017 Pro Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Course.

16 August 2017

ETP receives certification from the Center for State and Local Finance for Cost Analysis.

09 August 2017

ETP participates in Google's Cloud Training and Certification event

01 August 2017

ETP attends Posse Awards Dinner

07 July 2017

ETP partners with visionfactory to deliver STEM workshops to campers at the Clarkston Community Center.

28 June 2017

ETP attends World Affairs Cuba Briefing at Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP

15 June 2017

ETP receives certification from the IEDC Neighborhood Strategies program at Georgia Tech's Global Learning Center.

22 May 2017

ETP is attending the Transaction Alley Cyber-Security Forum being held at the US Federal Reserve in Atlanta...join us.

18 May 2017

ETP is attending the TAG Corporate Development event "GA Legislators Discuss Laws to Support Venture Investing" being held at ATDC...join us.

21 April 2017

ETP receives certification from the IEDC Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development program at Georgia Tech's Global Learning Center.

24 March 2017

ETP receives certification from the IEDC Economic Development program at Georgia Tech's Global Learning Center.

03 March 2017

ETP delivers updated FinTech Benchmark Study that helps define regional strategies and policies designed to grow the FinTech Industry.

26 January 2017

ETP joins ATDC's FinTech Circle.

09 January 2017

ETP partners with Prinnovo to provide cybersecurity, cloud computing and blockchain expertise in the FinTech Industry.

06 January 2017

John Ellingson is interviewed by Distributed Markets on the future of the blockchain platform in the Developing World.

05 January 2017

ETP and the US Federal Reserve request policy clarifications for relations with Cuba from the US State Department.

04 November 2016

ETP, the US Federal Reserve, Cubacell and Banco Centrale discuss use of blockchain solutions for crisis management.

12 September 2016

ETP begins research project at  Georgia State University to develop and study the blockchain platform for use by Developing World central banks to build Digital Economies.

08 August 2016

ETP publishes the 2016 FinTech Atlanta Task Force Benchmark Study. The study compares the Openess, Infrastructure and Leadership of six cities/regions across the world that are leaders in FinTech innovation.  The study uses the CITIE framework to identify opportunities for Metro Atlanta to emulate the best practices that will develop and support the next generation of FinTech solutions.

01 June 2016

ATPC asks ETP to provide a Benchmark Exercise for the FinTech Atlanta Task Force covering global practices and direct comparisons to 6 cities that compete for new FinTech innovative startups..

03 March 2016

ETP uses the CITIE framework to make policy recommendations for the government of Myanmar.

17 January 2016

ETP has adopted the CITIE framework for evaluating city, state and federal policy for technology innovation cluster development.

01 November 2015

ETP partners with Efficient Markets to address the global insurance gap problem in Emerging Markets.  The project will use a patent pending matching engine to make cost-effective policies available to at-risk populations.

11 September 2015

ETP is assisting HealthCHEC Technologies in their SBIC grant process.  HealthCHEC provides high tech, high touch outreach programs for at-risk populations in Georgia.

22 August 2015

ETP is working with Edea, Inc. to develop Financial Literacy and Micro-Lending programs for Latina entrepreneurs in the Atlanta Metro area.  The program is funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation and uses an innovative product called My1000Points to measure the social impact of the programs.

08 August 2015

ETP is teaming up with visionfactory and the Clarkston Community Center to pursue the Blank Foundation for funding for STEAM education programs for refugee and immigrant children.  Initially the programs will focus on Mathematics and 3D Printing for children ages 8 to 13.

01 July 2015

ETP has partnered with InfoAge Consulting to provide consulting services to Bhutan's Ministry of Information and Communications.

11 May 2015

ETP is working with Morris & McDaniel to develop a framework for the International Congress for Improved Emergency Response (ICIER).  This organization will be responsible for funding the development of resources and training for regional crisis response teams throughout the world.

23 March 2015

ETP has been asked by Georgia Institute of Technology's Advanced Technology Development Center to provide expertise in Mobile Application Development and Payment Systems. ATDC is ranked one of the world’s top technology incubators and named a Top 12 Incubator Changing the World by Forbes in 2013.  ATDC’s 150 graduates have collectively raised more than $2 billion in capital. In 2013, Select companies merited $50+ million in capital.   Nationally, 90% of technology startups fail. More than 90% of the ATDC’s Select graduates are successful five years after their graduation.

18 December 2014

ETP partners with the University of the West Indies to deliver Mobile Innovation mHubs to the islands of Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Jamaica and St. Kitts & Nevis.

21 August 2014

ETP's Smart Grid Consulting Group partners with NUMARK Associates to provide electricity distributor analysis in Nigeria.

08 August 2014

ETP partners with FD Venture Farm to develop an Innovation Collaboration Platform for the Payment Processing Industry.

31 December 2013

ETP's Smart Grid Consulting Group joins NuMark Associates (numarkassoc.com) in USTDA Energy IDIQ for transmission and distribution strategies for the Developing World.

22 December 2013

ETP and The American Transaction Processors Coalition (www.atpcoalition.org) deliver Economic Development recommendations and forecast for the Payment Processing Industry in the US and in Emerging Markets.

23 August 2013

ETP and MackmillanKeck completed a 9 month engagement with Bhutan Telecom. The project included several evaluation components for BT's successful transition to more open and competitive markets.  Our recommendations included strategies, operational, new product development, channel and financial improvements to drive an additional $60MM in revenue. They will also re-position BT at the center of Bhutan's ICT-enabled industries as the country recognizes the value of a data-centric GNH society.