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Environmental Engineering Services

Green is finally in...Waste was always out...

Our Smart Grid Consulting Group is working with an educational institution to integrate narrowband sensors and controls in to mesh networks to support energy efficiency and security initiatives
ETP Smart Grid Consulting Group has just been awarded several projects under the USTDA's Energy IDIQ through a partnership with Numark Associates in Washington, DC.

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Environmental Balance Consulting

In the old economic models, this segment focused on consumption of resources.  In the sustainable world, we must harness technologies that mitigate consumption, adapt our uses or replenish our constrained natural resources.  ETP's Smart Grid Consulting Group has deep expertise in Electricity Power Delivery and Telecommunications-converged solutions that create:

  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Environmental Balance Leadership
  • Mitigation and Adaptation Alternatives

ETP identifies existing and leading-edge technologies anywhere in the world that can help our clients achieve their sustainability goals now and in the future.  Sample areas of focus are:

  • Efficient High Performance Computing for SCADA
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Broadband Networks
  • M2M Mobile and Fixed Sensors and Controls
  • Virtual Prototyping and Modeling
  • Advanced Mesh Network Applications
  • Complex Analytics and Reporting
  • Composite Materials and Structures