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Strategy Consulting Services

Leading ICT Innovation Strategies
Our visionfactory teams are working with small businesses and inventors to build products from patented ideas and concepts.  Examples include:
Transformation strategies for government-owned telco's to become the ICT enabler for each of the nation's emerging industries.
New mobile broadband solutions that support literacy for women in the Developing World
Assistive mHealth technologies for independent living and aging in place
Alternative ship-to-land robotics solutions to transport medical and food inland during a crisis or to remove land mines over large tracts of land

M2M sensors and controls that enable Smart Grid transmission and distribution systems for efficient management of critical resources

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ICT Strategy and Commercialization Consulting
Our visionfactory team has over 35 years of experience working with corporations, entrepreneurs and governments to deliver our Strategic Flexibility innovation model for ICT.  We are adept at simplifying complex situations and creating a series of strategic options where no one thought any existed before.  Some of the tools we use to help clients get to these solutions are:
  • Economic Development Research
  • Capability Assessment and Development Tools
  • Strategic Flexibility Methodology
  • Global and Local Market Valuation and Segmentation
  • Business Case and Financial Modeling
  • The Innovators Solution Disruption Models
  • Global Channel Strategy and Modeling

Just as important as creating the direction and potential solutions is the ability to replicate it in other markets.  Identifying Intellectual Property and commercializing it to globally deliver timely and cost-effective value to the Developing World, Emerging Economies and Developed World is what Equity Technology partners does.  Our asset creation approach leverages three areas of development for evaluation and alignment with a cause:

Intellectual Commercialization services create the bridge between the invention, its market and investors interested in scale.  Sample areas of strategies from our visionfactory Team are: 

mPayment, mHealth Delivery, mConstruction Modeling, mFinance Community Banking Evolutions, mAgro shift to High Value Product, mLogistics shift to Data, Government to Citizen services for transparency and accountability.