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Advanced OPS Consulting Services

Proliferation of Best Practices Worldwide

Area32 Consultants are working with ProForma Healthcare Solutions to select and build the Decision Analytics toolset that will transform the healthcare industry.  Beyond mere compliance, ProForma's dynamic financial monitoring portal aligns everyone in a caregiver's organization with the goals of Healthcare Reform.  There can be a Return on Compliance.

Area32 Consultants have completed Advanced OPS process maps for several industries including:

  • Wireless Carriers
  • Wireline Carriers
  • High Tech Manufacture
  • Integrated Healthcare ACOs
  • High Growth Tech & Service
  • Mobile Retail
  • Connected Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense

Advanced Operations, Process & Systems Consulting

Equity Technology Partner's consultants have been active in helping clients implement ICT solutions for over 30 years. Our Area32 Consulting group's specific expertise includes the development of:
  • Business definition and requirements building
  • ICT functional and technical requirements and specifications
  • ICT solution selection criteria including EOI and RFP documents
  • ICT recommendations and alternatives
  • ICT implementation roadmaps and project plans
  • Training and support for the development of local ICT specialists
Knowledge is the replacement currency of every economy.  Our ability to create a locally-based Project Management Office teams that can make ICT information relevant and transferrable for many solutions is a key objective for the Area32 Consulting Group.  When we leave, your team will have mastered four areas of expertise:
  • Data Mining: the timely matching of information and need
  • Data Manipulation: personalizing and visualization of local information in preparation for ad hoc analysis and reporting 
  • Data Movement: knowledge transfer or learning in context
  • Data Maintaining: collaborative participation in knowledge acquisition
Some of the tools that the Area32 Consulting Group uses are:
Shareholder Value Maps, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Advanced OPS Practices & Processes, Collaborative Networks and Advanced Visualization.