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Innovation with a Cause

06 June 2014

ETP assists visionfactory in securing initial seed investment for development of iWhistle Pack products

03 June 2014

ETP submits USTDA proposal to develop ICT Strategy for Turkey.

13 May 2014

ETP partners with TEKRA IT Integration to provide ePayroll systems in Brunei.

01 April 2014

ETP and NUMARK Associates are awarded the Energy IDIQ at the USTDA.

28 February 2014

ETP partners with Morris & McDaniel to supply technology solutions for Food Security in Basra. 

Windstream Communications

Q1 2011 - ongoing

Creating a Cooperative Business Structure to Provide Broadband Connectivity to Rural American Healthcare Providers

Healthcare reform in America and the national broadband build-out policies of the FCC have required the creation of sustainable public-private partnerships to fund 100Gbps backhaul infrastructure to the most remote and poorest counties in the US.  The project has included competitive analysis, financial feasibility studies, legal entity structure definition, telecommunications and healthcare policy advice, technical analysis, economic development forecasting, investor communications and negotiations, corporate strategy and ICT design.   

The World Bank Group - WAPP

Q1 2009 -
Q4 2010

Telecommunications Infrastructure Build-out for ECOWAS countries

Advising the West African Power Pool (WAPP) in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on the financial aspects of developing a regional fiber backbone using fiber on existing and planned electric power transmission networks,


Reserve Bank of India

Q2-Q4 2008  

Design of Aggregated ICT Platform for National Micro-Finance Management Program

Development of a single platform to manage over 6,000 micro-finance organizations operating within India.  The project included creating a private-public partnership between RBI and CompuCredit to co-develop an IT financial lending platform that would become the foundation for rural community banking.  The project included financial and economic feasibility studies, IP valuation and licensing strategy, telecommunications strategy, financial policy development, technology design, joint venture advice, investor/partner negotiations 


Q2 2008 – Q3 2009

ICT Investor Strategy for CALA and Sub-Sahara Africa markets

Development of the market entry strategies for Xiocom and regional telecommunications carrier partners to build heterogeneous network systems in the Caribbean Basin and Mozambique.  The project included financial feasibility studies, partnership strategies, investor communications, competitive assessments, asset acquisition strategy and global treasury set-up.

Johnson & Johnson

Corporate Investment Strategy and Portfolio Performance Analysis

Understanding why J&J investments in technology companies have not delivered the expected returns.  The project included portfolio financial performance analysis, investor communications, technical review, IP valuation, business strategy advice, business process improvement, licensing strategy, strategic options, acquisition/ divestiture advice, balanced scorecard design

IBM/ Lenovo

Q3 2004 – Q1 2005 

Transitioning acquired IBM PC assets for sustainable operation by Lenovo.  Prior to the acquisition, Lenovo operated in 2 countries.  After the acquisition Lenovo operated in over 120 countries. The project involved working under the PMO to set up global Treasury and IP functions in Singapore within 120 days.  This included organizational design, business strategy, business process design, FX volatility studies, project management, financial analysis



At AT&T, a 4 consultant Deloitte team built detailed financial projections for the introduction of IPTV in to fast growing markets in Southeastern US.  The project included high level network design, with the construction of two new video head-ends, and coordination with several McKinsey & Co. partners who were responsible for the overall market strategy.  Mr. Ellingson’s financial advisory responsibilities were to build the financial model and identify the decision criteria for moving forward on multiple options for AT&T including off-net leasing, acquisition and further research and development.  He presented his findings to the company’s executive team and the CEO.



At Motorola, a Deloitte consulting team worked with their product development departments to create a global supply chain strategy for Blue Tooth enabled devices.  Our responsibilities were to create a joint venture with the Chinese government and to identify potential suppliers for critical components of the new “Q” series mobile phone.  Mr. Ellingson’s responsibility included designing product manufacture and assembly processes that protected Motorola’s patents and licensees.  The work resulted in global adoption of “black box” integration modules within every Motorola licensed facility to limit local interaction with highly sensitive technologies.

Lockheed Martin


At Lockheed Martin, a Deloitte team of 3 consultants reviewed over 300 telecommunications technologies under development at the US National Research Laboratories and developed strategies for outside investment.  The technologies included Smart Antennae designs, Ad Hoc Mesh Broadband/Narrowband Networks, 40Gbps Encryption devices, Unstructured Data Clustering algorithms, secure CDMA to WIFI hopping algorithms and more.  Mr. Ellingson’s responsibility was to identify the technologies closest to commercialization and value the intellectual property.  He then worked with the development teams to create their commercialization path, identify market partners/customers, private and corporate investor strategies and business plans.

SK Telecom


At SK Telecom, Mr. Ellingson was brought in as a strategic advisor to assess intellectual property developed by the mobile network service provider group and to spin-out that technology in to a new majority owned US based corporation (Helio).  While in South Korea, Mr. Ellingson worked with executive management, product development and legal teams to validate the technology, create IP portfolios for license to the spin-off entity, identifying US partners and investors for the spin-off and communicating the spin-off strategy with Qualcomm management.



Advising Qualcomm executives on market entry in China. 

Leading a team of 3 international consultants and the firm Li & Li, we developed a strategy to set-up a licensing arm in Singapore designed to protect Qualcomm’s intellectual property in Asia Pacific and assist in the collection of royalties associated with those patents in China.  Mr. Ellingson’s advisory responsibilities were to work directly with counsel to provide additional IP strategy and protection for the portfolio.