Reginald Maisonneuve

Reginald Maisonneuve is an ICT (Information Communications and Technology) and eBusiness professional with extensive domestic and international operations and service delivery experience spanning strategic planning, marketing and business development, operations, and infrastructure in complex, multi-market environments in developed as well as developing countries.   His expertise spans key functional disciplines: strategic planning, marketing/product management, operations (organisation design, business process, network & IT), and engineering. This experience – coupled to his expertise in change management – has provided him with a solid foundation and clear view of how to transform and optimize business operations through the integration of people, process and technology.   He has extensive experience identifying and releasing untapped value in organizations and overcoming internal obstacles to progressive change.  He has had held leadership positions in both industry and in consulting roles.

Mr. Maisonneuve began his technical career at the age of 17 as a Microwave Communications Technician responsible for setting up, operating, and repairing line-of-sight, tropospheric scatter and supporting systems in remote environments; he then went on to study electronics engineering and began his career designing, building and managing diverse ICT networks and systems in the U.S. and Caribbean in support of mission-critical enterprise operations.  After completing his MBA, he returned to industry, working with AT&T, GTE, Verizon and CANTV (Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela) where he fulfilled key responsibilities in strategic planning, product management, operations, and technology to improve business operations.  Mr. Maisonneuve’s work in industry included the development and operational integration of advanced customer care, billing, service and network management systems (OSS/BSS); the design and improvement of business processes, as well as the development and management of program management offices to improve the execution and results obtained of diverse strategic and tactical initiatives.

In his consulting roles, Mr. Maisonneuve applied his industry expertise to developing strategies and solving diverse operational problems faced by clients in operations, product management, and system deployments.  Mr. Maisonneuve has also applied his expertise to developing market-led, profit driven solutions in key ICT practice areas: product portfolio management, operations-technology integration, business process optimization, and Marketing Return on Assets.  Central to all of these is effective change management to manage risk, ensure knowledge transfer, capture benefits implement effective management controls and a culture of continuous improvement.

He holds advanced degrees in engineering and business management, is multicultural and is experienced internationally having lived, studied, and worked abroad. 

Mr. Maisonneuve has extensive experience in the successful development and deployment of complex enterprise systems spanning, ERP, CRM, Billing, Service Management, and Operational Support Systems.    Key to his strength in this area is his understanding of and ability to translate business objectives and requirements into effective technical and operational solutions.