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ETP portfolio companies are successfully solving many of the world's most difficult problems.  Whether it is creating a super computer in a bread box or creating complex geometries for Blast-resistant embassies and government buildings in Iraq, our management teams are hard at work growing their innovative businesses, products and services.  Many are looking for the next round of funding that will be used to take them back into the Developed World markets.  If you have an interest in any of our portfolio companies or would like additional information, contact us here.

We carefully select these companies because they have solid management teams and they have the opportunity to scale where their products and services are needed most.  Many will allow populations to skip generations of infrastructure and cost. Some will just save lives...



ProForma Healthcare Solutions is technology-enabled consultancy focused on delivering Healthcare Reform strategies for hospitals and physicians groups throughout the US.  ProForma's unique set of decision analytics and industry benchmarking do more than assuring compliance with the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010.  These tools transform medical communities in to Accountable Care Organizations.

How does one legislate controls for technologies and business models that are still evolving in the markets without killing innovation and investment?  How
can we redesign pending and emerging regulatory standards to promote technological adoption and still address cybersecurity and privacy concerns? As blockchains and smart contracts get integrated into government operations, public servants and regulators will have the ability to access and analyze huge amounts of real-time detailed transactional data.  Policymakers will need to agree on how much data regulators will be able to access and how to standardize, normalize and contextualize that data by time and event.  Creating frameworks for partitioned and/or permissioned access, by design, can shift regulators from simple monitors to a role as an advisor on transactions.  When your government becomes an industry partner, blockchain identity monitoring solutions at a federal level can save your financial services industry time and money in client due diligence.   These are the policy strategies that can enable your country to become a global leader in data transactions.  That is what BTNX does.  Innovative.  Powerful.  Open.

Diversakore, LLC provides advanced structural construction systems and processes for open design seismic and blast resistant multi-story buildings such as force protection, embassies, schools and residential high-rise.  The Versa-T System uses less material than poured in place concrete construction and can be erected just as fast as traditional steel with fewer columns.  A solution that is both cost-effective and an enabler of green products.

MMJ Labs is a leader in research and products to  eliminate injection pain for children reducing the stigma of vaccinations in the Developing Countries and Developed Countries of the world.

Integral Information Systems provides scalable outcomes and financial analytics for Healthcare IT systems and database querying creating powerful decision tools for the entire organization.  The Pinpoint Navigator integrates data sets from multiple systems in to a seamless performance management portal.  IIS is the foundation of your Accountable Care Organization.