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Transaction Advisory Services

Providing Trust that Brings Sustainable Private-Public Partnerships Together

ProjectRelativity teams are working with telecommunications experts to design a carrier-less society.  Why do we treat broadband access like a railroad instead of a highway.  Unlimited access to the network creates the potential for unbridled innovation...

ProjectRelativity teams worked with the World bank to form PPP ownership of the ACE Submarine Fiber Cable landings in several Western African countries.  The negotiations with several mobile carriers and the governments took several months to consummate.  The results will speak for themselves.  Ghana is already seeing a three-fold increase in ICT growth and Liberia should soon be able to use cloud-based technologies to map their mineral resources.

The ProjectRelativity team is using PPP models developed for the Third World to create centralized ICT services for rural American healthcare providers.  Integrated healthcare solutions can save millions of dollars and improve access to health equity across diverse populations.

Investors in a Triple Bottom-Line
ETP's ProjectRelativity team actively in participates at all levels of relationships to connect private investment and government funding with solutions that provide solid financial returns while driving economic development and environmental balance.  The ProjectRelativity team has an extensive network that constantly evaluates, values, profiles and even creates relationships in the client’s ecosystem that establish a social trust.  The ProjectRelativity team works with corporations, governments and institutions in the Developing World to:
  • Identify like-minded strategic partners for infrastructure, funding and delivery
  • Create economic development and environmental impact studies
  • Find sustainable ICT innovations that, if scaled, provide desired returns
  • Advise government legislatures and regulatory agencies to create an optimal investment environment
  • Market applicable solutions to all stakeholders
  • Set the expectations for timing and magnitude of triple bottom-line returns

The approach is holistic and it is meant to enhance transparency and alignment of every stakeholder relationship.  We work hard to help governments and companies establish trust with all of its enterprise relationships including employee, regulatory, stakeholders, partners, alliances, competitors, industries, the public and the environment.  Sometimes this involves creating a spectrum of Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) that are:

  • Collaborative Relationships: strategic partnerships for focused alignment requiring a high degree of inter-dependency and transparency
  • Cooperative Relationships: tactical partnerships with multiple goals but anticipated mutual gain requiring perspective bargaining and mediation 
  • Commodity Relationships: brokering without alignment with a dependency on the transparency, guidance and enforcement of a regulated exchange
To facilitate the formation of PPPs, the ProjectRelativity team employs:

Advanced negotiations, conflict resolution, partner research and identification, project planning, economic development projections, regulatory and policy analysis, financial analysis, valuation and legal considerations.