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Helping Innovation Reach the Need

 Consultant to the World Bank Group

Since 2008, our Smart Grid Consulting group is working with the World Bank to design a new connectivity model for 16 countries in Western Africa.  The new model will provide individuals and communities with complete access to broadband for communications and more...

Today, we provide services in over 35 countries throughout the world.  Where we travel, there are few 4 star hotels, but the destinations are a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference and share culture, knowledge, experience and a little fun.

We are a firm that is committed to triple bottom line strategies. Our teams are small and highly experienced in all facets of the business.  We respect the cultures tolerance for change but seek to challenge the status quo to achieve significant improvements in the lives of people in the Developing World.
Our Firm has the capacity to deliver solutions at many stages in the definition of a project. These capabilities segment themselves in to the three areas of our mantra "Leading...Investing...Delivering".

In an effort to lead the world's governing institutions and their assets towards a Digital Economy, we have formed an ICT consulting team within ETP. This team is responsible for:
  • Assessing capability
  • Defining the organization's critical mission
  • Creating market segmentations to determine who has the need
  • Providing feasibility and case studies for what the solution set is
  • Assisting to develop to local strategy to create multiple options to deliver those solutions sustainably and at scale
  • Capture how we did it, why it was different than what we envisioned and commercialize how we can do it more effectively and at lower cost elsewhere
To facilitate investing by governments, corporations and private equity firms in the vehicles for ICT-Enabled Economies, ETP's ProjectRelativity team responds by:
  • Identifying strategic partners for infrastructure, funding and delivery
  • Providing economic development and impact studies
  • Finding applicable ICT innovations needing to scale for return
  • Working with government legislatures and regulatory agencies to provide an optimal investing environment
  • Marketing the solutions to all stakeholders
Setting the expectations for the triple bottom-line returnAll of the strategies and investment in the world's next ICT evolution would be for naught if we did not ensure delivering the solutions. ETP brought together a group of ICT specialists in Area32 Consulting to:
  • Create the business functional and technical requirements
  • Develop optimal business processes to provide the new local capabilities
  • Identify ICT solutions and create RFP tendering process including recommendations and alternatives
  • Collaborate on inclusive implementation road maps
  • Provide support and training for development of local ICT specialists

The world has many worthy needs. The world also has many known solutions for those needs. The complication is in finding ways to connect the two. In 2008, we developed four new capital bases for business innovation. While
these new bases are an extension of the conventional economics 3-capital model (land, labor and capital), these new bases are designed to more intelligently address the interactions between corporations, human welfare and the environment. Our services are designed to ensure that these new bases are central to the purpose of the ICT solution.However, each also represents a wealth creation asset for investors who are looking to solve critical global needs using Equity Technology Partners' value creation methodologies, intellectual asset creation, extensive business relationships, proven commercialization processes with cutting-edge innovation. It is this balance that provides the triple bottom-line result.

For more information, click on one of the bases below:
Recently, in Bhutan ETP presented several projects that, while sustainable, presented a path towards achieving this balance and the objectives of the country's Gross National Happiness program.