Transparency and Trust Drive Innovation Adoption

ProjectRelativity consultants are working with BTNX to develop High Performance Computing Eco-Systems in the EU.  These eco-systems will co-develop highly specialized applications within the Dutch Innovation Box and driving this super computer capability into the SME markets. 
ProjectRelativity is working with the WBG to understand how carrier-less networks can foster innovation.

ProjectRelativity participates at all levels of relationships to deliver the proper level of sustainability metrics and reporting that create healthy ecosystems.  ProjectRelativity was formed to evaluate, identify and even create relationships in the client’s ecosystem that establish trust and transparency while promoting innovation.  The ProjectRelativity team has been involved in or is now engaged to create:

  • Shareholder Impact Analysis of Sustainability Strategies
  • Economic Development Studies and Impact Analysis 
  • Sustainability Metrics
  • Reporting Process Re-Engineering
  • Social Networks for Eminence and Education

As is demonstrated in this performance by Perpetuum Jazzile from Slovenia, orchestrated social networks can even return the rain to Africa.


06 December 2011
ProjectRelativity consultants are engaged with ProForma Healthcare Solutions to deliver a new PPP healthcare model for Rural America
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