Smart Grid Consulting Group

Smart Grid Consulting was created in 2009 to provide consulting services to the World Bank Group for the Western Africa Power Pool Broadband project.  In doing so, we brought together pre-eminent professionals from all over the world to tackle the convergence of technology, media and telecommunications in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.  From this work, we have created our methodologies and templates for smart grid analysis anywhere.  Smart Grid Consulting works with innovative companies worldwide to develop and test converging technologies on the grid.  Either virtual testing in our simulation labs or actual full-scale testing on the newest power distribution networks available.  Our Smart Grid CertificationTM process is a cost-effective way to get products up to utility grade levels of reliability without the risks of powering down a city block.
In 2013, Smart Grid Consulting Group partnered with NUMARK Associates, Inc. to win smart grid opportunities at USTDA for "Advisory and Assistance Services by Non-Government Sources in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe".  The subsequent award of the USTDA's 2 year IDIQ has resulted in opportunities in Azerbaijan, Jordan, Libya, Nigeria, Turkey and Romania. 

Since the completion of the ECOWAS project, Smart Grid Consulting Group has formed Smart Grid Holdings, LLC which promotes investment in technologies that impact Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets anywhere in the world.  To accelerate the development of these technologies, Smart Grid Holdings has formed strategic alliances with the CJL Power Group and their global supply chain for clean, green and smart Transformers, Power Capacitors, Voltage Regulators and Fuses & Insulators.  Many of these products enable Transmission and Distribution companies in the Developing World to leap frog past their First World colleagues at a significant reduction in cost and time.
  • Smart Grid Market Analysis - we help stakeholders understand the current state of power availability, grid efficiency, delivery affordability and competition, and to benchmark these realities against regional, national and/or global markets 
  • Policy Development - we work with governments to determine the appropriate policy measures and to define their role
  • Asset Inventory and Valuation - we collect and analyze the assets available to the market and determine the value of those assets on a market comparable basis 
  • Stimulus Feasibility Studies - we determine whether a project is technically and financially feasible and if its economic impact is appropriate to submit for Federal stimulus funding. 
  • Grid Architecture and Design - we create detailed architectures and designs for next generation power line, broadband over power line (BoPL) networks and advanced sensor arrays
  • Financial Planning and Business Case Development - we analyze the costs and benefits of infrastructure-related investments, and to understand its the return on investment profile. 
  • Smart Grid Product Certification - we help innovators test their product using our virtual lab or full-scale testing through our alliance with the Energy Innovation Center
  • Sensor Policy Management Platforms - we provide intelligence at the edge of the network for web-based monitoring that normalizes inputs for distributed monitoring
  • Smart Grid and Technology Master Planning - we develop long-range comprehensive plans with actionable milestones that are integrated tightly with the community's short-term and long-term economic development plans